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biographyfamous.com Knows, how important your information is ?, and We appreciate the trust of users. Whatever Information biographyfamous.com get from users, We keep them under control. You are accepting these by visiting all types of properties operated by biographyfamous.com.

What doses Biogrpahy Famous collect information about  users ?

The information we get from the users, We try to improve them. The type of information can be collected from users.

Important Information : We gather all the information we get from you, like click here. If you do not want to do this, then you can choose others tomorrow also, but you will not be able to take advantage of our features. We use the information to respond to and communicate with user's requests.

Automatic Information : We get some information when you interact with us and We collect them Like We use cookies, then we get some information.

Email communication : When you open an account over email, We try to protect our users from unnecessary information. Use the user administration pages to adjust if you do not want to receive emails in any way

What is cookies ?

Cookies are a text file that is sent back to the browser by the server and back to the server by the browser. Cookies is used keeping in mind the safety of the users, Cookies save to carry user's option. Cookies remains in the browser until the browser window is turned on.

Our site may use "cookies" keeping in mind the experiences of users. Cookies is kept on their hard drive to handle user's browser reports. Cookies tracks their information. Users can choose to set the browser to be alert when cookies are rejected or when cookies are sent. If they do so, Note that some parts of the site are not working well.


Advertisements appearing on our site are passed on to the users, Who may set cookies. These cookies allow the server to recognize the computer. Collect information by personally identifying your computer users, send online advertisements. There is no pressure on users to advertise on our site, They can click themselves voluntarily.

What conditions do you approve ?

If you use this site, you indicate it's acceptance. If you do not agree then you can not use this site.

Contacting us

If you have any doubt about our site or about our contenct, you can contact us and ask question.

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