Vladimir Putin Biography

Putin's Early Life 

as born on 7 October 1952 in Leningrad, Soviet Union. His father Vladimir Spiridonovich worked in the Navy and mother Maria Ivanovna Shelomova was a laborer who worked in a local factory. And Putin had two elder brothers who died in adolescence due to some reason. And he did his schooling from a city secondary school in his hometown of Petersburg. He later joined the Soviet police's intelligence police KGB.

Putin's debut in politics

 Vladimir Putin Biography
 Vladimir Putin Biography 

Putin joined the Soviet police's secret police KGB at the age of 23 after he took off, and he worked for some time in the KCB. Putin began his first political career in Leningrad in 1990 as an advisor to the mayor. However, he also faced a lot of controversies here. According to a report, he was convicted by Putin for selling steel without permission. However, due to being negative in the investigation report, he could not be sued in any way. He was then appointed to the Committee on Foreign Affairs of St. Petersburg on 28 June 1991. This gave him the responsibility of promoting foreign relations and trade.

After losing the election to the mayor of Leningrad in 1996, he was called to Moscow, where he was appointed by the then President Boris Yeltsin as his deputy chief of staff. Simultaneously, President Boris Yeltsin placed Putin as the head of directorate control of the Department of Property. And he also became the chairman of Russia's intelligence agency FSB in 1998. On 1 October 1998, he was elected to the Security Council of the Soviet Union.

On 9 August 1999, he was elected one of the three prominent Deputy Prime Ministers. After this, President Boris Yeltsin permanently appointed him acting Prime Minister. However, President Boris Yeltsin faced heavy opposition from both sides and opposition. After this Boris Yeltsin surrendered as President. Subsequently, Putin was made acting president. Putin's first work freed him from all corruption charges against Boris Yeltsin. However, Putin is also considered a Yeltsin supporter. Earlier, President Boris Yeltsin had expressed his intention to make him his successor in an interview. Then Putin also accepted the presidentship.

Putin's presidential term

Putin's presidential term, Vladimir Putin Biography
Putin's presidential term

In the year 2000, Putin won the presidential election by 53 percent of Votto. And he got the full benefit of being a Yeltsin supporter and clean image. People had high hopes from them at that time when they came out because the country's economy was stagnant and corruption was at its peak. Putin drove the country out of the economic crisis and put an end to corruption.

In 2004, Putin again got 71 percent of the vote. In his second term, about 1150 schoolchildren were taken hostage by terrorists. And many hundreds of people were killed. Then Putin took concrete steps against the terrorists.

Some Russian liberal organizations protested in large measure against the freedom of media in Russia. And also criticized the Putin government. And the Western media began criticizing the Putin government over the murder of Anna, a journalist. Putin then dissolved the government at the behest of then Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov. And Viktor Zubkov was made the new Prime Minister.

According to the Russian Constitution in the elections of 2008, Putin could not contest for the third consecutive time, so he was disqualified. Later he supported Dimitri Medvedava. And put the condition of making himself Prime Minister. He made Putin the Prime Minister as soon as Dimitri Medvedev became President.

At the same time, due to the economic slowdown of the growing economy in Russia, there was a hindrance in investment. Russia's ally NATO country Georgia fought and Russia defeated Georgia in that war. From here the Soviet Union and America came face to face with each other.

Dmitry Medvedev declared not to contest the next election and supported Putin. In the next elections, the ruling party "United Russia" won more than 50 percent of the vote. He was accused of rigging in this election. And there were protests in many cities of Russia. Rallia took place against Putin. Putin's party drew many big rallies from him.

On 4 March 2012, Putin won the election with 63 percent of Votto. The opposition accused Putin of rigging the elections. Putin took many concrete steps to avoid irregularities in the 2012 election.

Putin won 76 percent of Votto in his fourth term. Which is currently running his government. And his term will be till 2024


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