Marilyn Monroe Biography

Marilyn Monroe Biography
Marilyn Monroe Biography

Marilyn Monroe is considered one of the most famous actresses in American history, her beauty and shy style make her crazy, she was an actress, model and singer. Monroe's early life, her name for the challenges of life, her mysterious death and her relationship with the famous people were very much discussed. Marilyn Monroe made her first marriage at the age of 16 to her neighbor Jim Doherty. She is called the goddess of beauty in American history for her distinctive style and art.

Marilyn Monroe's Early Life

Marilyn Monroe was born on 1 June 1926 in Los Angeles, USA. She was left in her childhood by a relative because her mother's mental balance was not right. Therefore her life was painful and stressful. In his childhood, she could not get everything that other children get from their parents. The lack of these made Monroe shy and introverted.

Marilyn Monroe was first married at the age of 16 to her neighbor Jim Doherty. But shortly after the marriage, both of them got divorced. After that, Marilyn worked at a local factory in Burbank. Here she met photographer David Conowar. He was so impressed with Monroe's beauty that he started putting Monroe's photo on his magazine cover page.

Marilyn stepped into modeling a short time later. And here Marilyn carried the flag of success. Gradually, she started getting a place in all the magazines. (1946) Marilyn changed her name to Marilyn Monroe from Narma Baker after her divorce. While learning acting, Marilyn received the first proposal for the film from Twentieth Century Fox. Although her first one did not last. But she had gained a lot from that film. After this, some other films did not do anything special. But by then she had become a world-class actress due to her beauty and romantic style. However, he was suspended by Twentieth Century Fox due to some demands. But after a short time all her demands were accepted due to her training.

Marilyn Monroe's Marriage Life Controversy

Marilyn Monroe married a baseball star player, Joe DiMaggio, after her first marriage was unsuccessful. After some time, both of them separated due to lack of agreement.She divorced Jo DiMaggio and later converted to Judaism by marrying Arthur Miller. And Marilyn started taking drugs after her third marriage, due to which her health started worsening. However, her third marriage also did not last long. And they got divorced.

Drugs are believed to be the reason for the divorce of the third marriage. President John of the United States. F. Relations with Kennedy were also widely discussed. President John. F. Kennedy also invited her to perform in a program.

Marilyn Monroe's mysterious death at the age of 36, she became an evergreen actress due to her beauty and romantic style. She left her mark on millions of hearts due to her beauty. Marilyn Monroe is still remembered for her incredible contributions. She was not only an actress but she was also known for her art
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