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justin bieber biography
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It would not be wrong to call Justin Bieber the world's most popular singer. At such a young age, he has achieved the position that the other people are short in achieving. Justin has made his mark in the world as a pop singer and actor. He started singing in 2009 with the song "One Time". His age at that time was just 12 years. Justin's debut album "My Word" was released on 17 October 2009 in the US. After this, his two songs "love me" and "Lonely Girl" peaked at number 40 in the top 100 songs of "Billboard Hot". It was no less than a world record. At that age, he did that feat.

Justin Bieber Early Life and Education

Justin Bieber was born on 1 March 1994 in Canada. He did his schooling from a Catholic school in Canada. And he is a Canadian singer. And he grew up in Strait-Ford. His father is Jeremy Bieber, and mother is Patricia Melitke. He also has two half brothers. His father's second marriage, then his financial situation kept getting worse. His mother Patty made him grow up by doing cheap jobs. And Bieber is the only child of his parents. Bieber was deeply mourned for playing piano, drums, guitar and trumpet since childhood. His mother Patty Inn was most upset. She often spoke to Justin for studies.

One day his mother Patty sees Justin humming. And she was surprised to see all that. After that his mother Patty started supporting him. And started making videos of Justin on YouTube. Once his mother, Patty, persuaded Justin of the school to perform for a school program. When Justin was just 12 years old. And he was the youngest among them.

But it is said that age is also seen in front of talent, all these people saw in Justin Bieber. And Bieber got rank 2 there. When a journalist asked Bieber how did you get the second rank in this age. Then Justin very easily replied to the journalist, that on one side there were children who had learned from some teachers and their parents have money and I am the only one I got from my mother.

Justin Bieber was impressed by Justin when he saw Scooter Brown singing the song on YouTube. And they chose Justin for the album. But then Justin's mother told him the same throw and Justin refused. After this, when Scooter Brown introduced singer Kusar to his mother, his mother's trust grew. And after that Justin shot several albums with Scooter Brown.

Justin Bieber controversy

Justin Bieber was accused of reckless driving several times in 2012 but escaped due to one reason or the other. Justin was arrested for the first time in 2014. However, he left early. He was also accused in 2013 of vandalizing a Brazilian cafe. But they also escaped there.

Justin's achievements

Justin received 40 out of 100 V positions in "Billboard Hot" for Puzzle Bar two songs "Love Me" and "Lonely Girl". Which was the biggest record at that time. This was Justin's huge success. And later "my word" album was also declared a platinum album. Justin's albums became best-selling albums in many countries like America, Ostralia, Canada, Indonesia, India, Brazil.

In Canada, a song copy of Justin was sold for 100 million. On 23 November 2012, the Prime Minister of Canada awarded her the second Diamond Jubilee Medal of Queen Elizabeth. Justin was rich in his talent. Whatever they did they used to do it with their mind


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