Elbert Einstein Biography

Elbert Einstein Biography
Elbert Einstein Biography

The great scientist Albert Einstein, who has a great contribution in the science of physics, gave the theory of mass = energy E = MC square, for which he is known all over the world,
He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921 for his unprecedented contribution in the field of science,
He was a seasoned scientist and theorist physicist. Those who reached this stage in their own peace. He influenced the philosophy of science. And he had given many such principles that make physics simple according to modernity. He was declared the great man of the century by the Times magazine of the century in the year 1999. He had an interest in mathematics since childhood. He wrote many books for research. His name was recorded as the most successful scientist in the pages of history. He will always be remembered for his incredible contribution.

Albert einstein's early life

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in the city of Ulf, Germany. But his family later settled in the city of Munich, Germany. His father Hermann Einstein was a businessman and mother Polin Koch was very fond of playing the guitar. Einstein learned to play guitar from his mother and he always played guitar. His family was Jewish. And his memory was very weak. He used to forget everything taught in school. Therefore, he was called mentally insane by school teachers and friends. However, his mathematics was very accurate. And they used to solve questions very quickly. His early education was at the Catholic primary school there. And he completed his own secondary education at the age of 16.

Albert Einstein was dropped out of school due to poor mentality. He was accused of harassing students in the classroom. However, he too had little interest in attending school. Einstein tried hard to enroll at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland, but he could not succeed. And later, at the behest of the teacher, he received a diploma from the 'Cantonal School' and then got admission in the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland.

Albert Einstein married Zurich's classmate Mariak after graduating there in 1900. However, they later had two children. And later both got divorced. Einstein married Elsa in 1917. After some time Einstein was awarded his doctorate for his contribution.

Albert Einstein's career

Albert Einstein initially had to struggle a lot for work. Had to be a lecturer at the University of Bern in Germany for a long time. After this, he served as an associate in Zurich. A short time later, he applied for a teacher at the Federal Institute of Technology. And after 2 years, he was selected as a teacher.

In Zurich in 1913, Albert Einstein met the scientists Max Planck and Walther Nesert. He invited Einstein to promote research at the University of Berlin. Einstein accepted his invitation. He Einstein was given membership of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. In the year 1920, he was selected as a professor for his lifetime at the University of Poland. After this he got a lot of fame.

In 1939, Einstein played a supporting role in making atomic bombs. In 1945 Einstein gave the theory of E = MC square by reviewing mass-energy. After this, his career reached a new stage   


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