Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln Biography
Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln was born into a poor black family, his tenure as president (1861 - 1865). He contested his first election on behalf of the Republic Party and was elected the first Republican President. He left America out of a terrible crisis like civil war. And Abraham Lincoln abolished slaves like slavery. He also faced many difficulties due to being black. Prior to this he worked as a lawyer, and he was also an MLA of the State of Illinois. However, he faced defeat twice in the US Senate elections.

Early life of abraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Hardin County, Kentucky, into a poor family with only a wooden house, his parents being Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln's great-grandfather was Captain Abraham Lincoln, who emigrated from Viginia and settled in Kentucky, USA, and later his grandfather was killed by some Indian miscreants, at the time his son Thomas Lincoln was the same, to that shock Thomas It took Lincoln a long time to leave. And Thomas Lincoln had to struggle a lot for his living.

Abraham Lincoln was very lazy since childhood, he did not mind to do any work. This is why his neighbors used to call him lazy. However, he was very much interested in poems. And he used to sit in his free time writing poems.

Abraham Lincoln was strongly against the orthodox Kurotis spread in America. And the slaves were also very saddened by the atrocities. He took the initiative to abolish kurutis like slavery.
And they used to help those people who were very poor.

Abraham Lincoln used to help clients who belonged to poor families like him, and they used to try more and more and persuaded the clients on both sides because litigation cost more money. Once a client sent a $ 25 fee to Abraham Lincoln on winning the case, but Abraham returned $ 10 saying that my fee was only $ 15. And I do not charge much.    

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